Explante has been working together with companies and producers to meet the need to grow plants that offer greater productivity and profitability, since the seedlings stand out as the most important input in the production chain to obtain this increase in production.

There are several points that we can highlight in the definition of an ideal seedling for cultivation, but among them we can highlight that its genetic origin that guarantees seedlings with the same genetic identity, sanity of the phytopathogen free materials, besides the vigor and size of the seedlings are fundamental for an excellent glue and the development in the field of the future commercial areas.

In this way, Explante works in the process of producing in vitro seedlings or in the micropropagation of genetic material, since it is the only technique that covers all these points and guarantees the vegetative propagation of the best performance materials.

As the definition of the best variety is multiplied, we must take into account the soil type and the climate of the region, since they are fundamental to define the best material to be cloned and multiplied for future fields.

In addition, Explante can offer this technology widely diffused in several sectors of agribusiness, being applied worldwide with the following purposes:


Propagation of species whose reproduction through conventional methods is difficult or impossible


Production of large-scale plants in a short time


Production of thousands of healthy plants from a plant infected with a disease


Production of plants throughout the year regardless of climatic conditions and the time of year


Storage of plants to serve as a clonal garden


Propagation from "lowercase" amounts of plant tissue


Protection and conservation of endangered plant species


Improvement of species with agronomic interest


Acclimatization of laboratory seedlings using several resources for the best conditioning of the same