Sugar Cane

Healthy and vigorous cloning of sugar cane.

Healthy and vigorous cloning of sugar cane.

With the intense use of mechanization in sugarcane plantations, the spread of pathogens in agriculture has increased greatly over the years and as a result, productivity declines.

The need to produce disease-free seedlings is fundamental for the formation of new nurseries, in order to serve for the multiplication and formation of commercial fields free of disease and with high vigor in order to increase productivity.

All the seedlings are produced using micro-system cultivation that will allow the formation of the seedlings of the same genetic identity and with the use of the bioreactors will allow the formation of large volumes of seedlings.

Our production process


Withdrawal of micro meristem

In this process with the use of techniques to remove the micromeristema we removed the genetic materials for multiplication in large scale


Development phase of meristems

With the process of in vitro cultivation we promote the growth of genetic materials that are destined for large-scale multiplication.


Multiplication Phase

The production of the cane seedlings is carried out through the bioreactors, being one of the stages that make possible the large scale production.


Acclimatization phase

The process of acclimatization of the seedlings is carried out in greenhouses with humidity and controlled temperature for glue of the seedlings.