Cloning of ornamental plants to preserve a genetic identity.

Cloning of ornamental plants to preserve a genetic identity.

The greater need of the ornamental sector and the production of seedlings that maintains a quality standard and genetic identity for the formation of flower fields and with the techniques of in vitro cultivation and it is possible to maintain this standard of quality that the market demands.

We introduced the varieties requested by our customers and started a multiplication process, using the techniques to make production feasible on a commercial scale.

We have developed over the years several protocols that allow the formation of these seedlings and meeting the needs of our clients.

Our production process


Introduction to biopharmaceutical

In this step for each species there is a micropropagation protocol for the formation of seedlings.


Repique of materials

In the process of the formation of ornamentals seedlings there is a type of culture medium and the differentiated peach for each species.


In vitro growth phase

Each species has a different physiological behavior, where we adapt the ideal culture medium for the growth and rooting of the species.


Acclimatization phase

The species are conditioned in trays with substrate to be delivered ready for planting.